Sex Hanukkah


Tonight’s MAN UP features The Black Keys’ latest hit, “LONELY BOY”.

The song is part of one of the most ambitious scenes in Workaholics history, far more daring than the Car Crank Down and twice as deadly as Sigourney Beaver’s Sleazy Suicide. All we can tell you is the unofficial name for the sequence is… “The Chase.”  

Buy the LONELY BOY video HERE.  

Hear the song as the Workaholics MAN UP tonight on Comedy Central, 10:30/9:30 CT.


In this SNEAK PEEK, Adam deals with the danger that is Karaoke song selection as the TelAmeriCorp crew hits up their local singery.

WARNING: This clip may be disturbing for anyone who has ever suffered a Karaoke trauma. Parental discretion, or, just a head’s up, is advised.

MAN UP. Tonight. 10:30/9:30 CT, on Comedy Central.