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White Sox fan boy reaction to Brent Lillibridge being traded to the Red Sox


An infographic of the AL & NL Wild Card Races.

An infographic of the AL & NL Wild Card Races.

The following is not mathematically rigorous, since the events of yesterday evening were contingent upon one another in various ways. But just for fun, let’s put all of them together in sequence:

— The Red Sox had just a 0.3 percent chance of failing to make the playoffs on Sept. 3.

— The Rays had just a 0.3 percent chance of coming back after trailing 7-0 with two innings to play.

— The Red Sox had only about a 2 percent chance of losing their game against Baltimore, when the Orioles were down to their last strike.

— The Rays had about a 2 percent chance of winning in the bottom of the 9th, with Johnson also down to his last strike.

Multiply those four probabilities together, and you get a combined probability of about one chance in 278 million of all these events coming together in quite this way.

When confronted with numbers like these, you have to start to ask a few questions, statistical and existential.

Dan Shaughnessy jinxes the Red Sox




My reactions exactly of what happened tonight! 

Ditto, that and jumping up and down like a maniac. My neighbors must really love me…



At two different points Wednesday night, FanGraphs had the Red Sox with 92.5% probability to win (up 3-2, top ninth, 0 out, 1B and 3B) and the Rays with 99.7% probability to lose (down 7-0, top eighth, 2 out, none on).

Is it too late to get the Red Sox-Orioles score in that ESPN the Magazine that’s dedicated to Boston sports dominance?

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Seems Legit.

Seems Legit.